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100% Customer Endorsement SealOrion takes customer satisfaction very seriously and we are proud of our 100% client endorsement record achieved across a range of industry sectors and disciplines

Our special management process ensures we take the time and make the effort to build a strong, close working relationship with all those involved in each machine vision project. And at project close we commission independent research amongst a cross section of our clients to fully understand how well we have performed and to identify areas of our business model that can be improved in our drive to provide industry best-in-class service

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  • “amazing talent”

    Richard Berry


    quote icon “Dan has an amazing talent, I have to say. I think he did a fantastic job for us.

    The project was approached incredibly intelligently - the Scorpion software was used as a core and adapted to suit our purpose”

Amazing Research Findings

Our customer research also revealed that machine vision suppliers frequently fail to complete client projects

Over half of the interviewed clients told us they had experience of complete or significant mid-project failure because it transpired the appointed machine vision supplier did not have the ability to meet the specification they had promised to deliver. This resulted in months, and sometimes years, of wasted time, effort and cost

Such set backs are avoidable by working with suppliers who have a proven ability to successfully complete the project to specification and to budget. Orion Automation has a 100% solution delivery record

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