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How Do We Create Great Machine Vision Solutions for Our Clients?

We employ a highly structured process that puts significant focus and energy into the front end to make sure we fully understand the requirement and consider all the potentially viable methods of solution delivery. This approach means we invest a lot of time considering, scoping and investigating ideas which ultimately enables us to recommend and commit to the best vision system that meets the client specification and budget


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    • Understanding

      • In-depth discussions regarding your requirement
      • Validate our understanding of your requirement
      • Challenge the status quo
      • Develop a clearly defined User Requirement Specification
      more information We encourage you to express your concerns and challenges and explore any ideas or attempts you may have previously considered or undertaken

      Through these discussions we aim to gain a clear understanding of the business drivers, consider other approaches or different ways to solve the problem and develop a clearly defined User Requirement Specification (URS) less information
    • Considering

      • Work closely with your project team
      • Share best practice ideas, concepts and methods
      • Foster a trusted, 'can do' attitude
      • Develop preferred solution(s)
      • Identify and Validate preferred solution
      • Propose and Demonstrate final solution
      • Commit to solution delivery
      more information Working in a relaxed and open style, we wish to engender a special relationship where everyone wins

      We will investigate all practical possible ways forward and develop preferred ideas while ensuring the proposed solution(s) are viable for the given requirement and relevant to your business aims

      Where possible we will provide a demonstration to prove the viability of the preferred solution or alternatively conduct a feasibility study if more work is required

      Once the specific requirements have been agreed we then commit to delivery of the chosen solution via a fixed price quotation less information

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    • Design and Build

      • Agree a Plan and Schedule
      • Allocate relevant resources
      • Review progress
      • Adapt to changing requirements
      • Develop, Test and Validate against the User Requirement Specification
      more information Having already agreed a design concept, turning this into an integrated solution is now far quicker

      A benefit of working closely together in the early stages means we have more visibility which assists in the planning process enabling us to better plan the work flow and manage resource requirements

      Experience tells us that we also need to maintain a flexible approach so we can accommodate any minor changes in your requirement without destabilising the project less information
    • Integration

      • Install and Commission
      • Run Site Acceptance Tests
      • Conduct IQ/OQ to 21CFR Part11 validation as required
      • Train users
      more information Whether the vision system is a standalone entity or forms part of a larger processing machine, we will manage all the site integration activity if required, proactively working with your staff so everyone associated with using the system will be involved

      We will repeat the test protocols conducted prior to shipment to prove the system is fully operational and conduct any operator and/or maintenance training as required less information
    • Support

      • Provide on-site support
      • Incorporate remote access and diagnostics as required
      • Tailored Service and Support contracts can be arranged
      more information We recommend that all systems we install are supplied with the facility to enable remote connection via secure web based servers. This allows us to interrogate the system from our office, diagnose causes of possible fault conditions and make the necessary changes or arrangements to overcome them

      Naturally we will also visit site if it should be necessary

      We can also offer flexible service and support contracts to suit your requirementless information
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